Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Random Stuff

There's been some buzz in the blogosphere about Billy Joel's performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Speculators believe that Joel used Autotune on his voice to 'assist' him during the notably difficult piece. For those who haven't heard, Autotune is a computer program that adjusts a singer's pitch to correct fluctuations. When it's used, if you listen closely, you can hear the program 'grab' the note and fix it. Here's a clip of Joel singing the anthem. Listen for yourself, especially when Joel sings "By the dawn's early light..." and "...stripes and bright stars."

And in other news, The New Rags, who most assuredly do not use Autotune or any other digital enhancement, are creating quite a stir in the Land of the Rising Sun. They've reached number #2 on iTunes's charts of most downloaded single with their song "Your Room." If you haven't already, pay a visit to the boys at their myspace page or purchase their music at iTunes.

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