Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Podcast Posted

We're in the middle of finishing up Dead Language's new album, Interwar, but we took some time to do a new podcast. This one is devoted to the Mighty Hannibal. A couple of us here at SSR were fortunate to watch and back-up this soul legend a few weeks ago at the Delancy Bar. This show was a spiritually moving experience. Watching this 70 year-old man scream, sing, and work the audience, you just felt that this was the real deal. This is what real music is about. Something primal and emotional. But wait, on the 2006 Grammy's there were the "bad boys" of rock Aerosmith adding some raunch and power to the show. Well, not really. That was a nice parade of glossy corporate pawns. It's a great injustice in this world that The Mighty Hannibal will never sell as much as Kelly Clarkson, but after being a part of his show, I definitely know which side we are on in the war against plastic music.

So in honor of Hannibal, we've devoted the entire show to his music. After listening to this, go out and pick up his Norton Records compilation, Hannibalism!

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