Monday, January 23, 2006

Our Podcasts Resume

A common annoyance with the web is the promise of updates that never occur. How many times do you see a cool site that dries up. It's always nice to see "Check back soon for updates" on a site last touched in 2004. So it bothered me that we kind of dropped off with our podcasts. Not that there is this great hunger for them, but we committed to doing them twice a month. But things happen and we had to put the podcasts on hiatus due to the holidays and some work commitments.

But now we're back with some great stuff. First up is a great track from Curtis Eller. Curtis plays banjo, and adds in some great yodeling. If that isn't enough, he cites Buster Keaton as an influence. Next we have a lo fi recording of Jaime Pannone playing in the NYC subway. She's been putting in a lot of effort finishing up Dead Language's new LP which we will release here at SSR. Last we play a track from The Mighty Hannibal. The Mighty Hannibal will be playing a live show backed by The Dansettes during the Reaction Weekender. I'm proud to say that yours truly will be playing in the band backing Hannibal.

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