Monday, November 28, 2005

Wildwood Condo Progress: Sans Souci R.I.P.

Talk about not letting the door hit you in the a**. I just found out that motel I stayed at in Wildwood was torn down to make way for condos. The motel was the Sans Souci and it was torn down only a few weeks after we checked out. Our stay there was great and the owners were really nice. The motel seemed to be doing well too. We went in the off-season, but there were still a good number of people in the rooms. I guess that's the scary thing in that even if you try to avoid the corporate mega-chains and support a family run business, that really means nothing to developers who can throw around millions of dollars. So now it's time for the yuppies to move in and snag their 1 million dollar condos.

Here's a great photo album by trishylicious documenting some of the great architecture in Wildwood. Beautiful stuff, and sad to think it's all being torn down.

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