Thursday, October 13, 2005

17 thoughts on new songs

I. You


Man is free but is everywhere in chains

And when you're finally free, when all the stops have been removed

Still standing in your way --- is you

II. Old dogs and new tricks

The wrong lyrics



The safety of a prison

What's more difficult to learn something new

Is to unlearn something old

<>III. Hash House Harriers<>

Life is like a Hash House Harriers run...

It's not a race, it's a run

The course of the run is charted before it begins

There are many dead ends in the course to confuse the runners and only one path that leads to the finish line

All the runners, men and women, have to wear the same kind of costume, like a red dress or a toga, and load up on beer and wings before the run

The runners call out a series of commands during the run to direct each other

"Run On!" means "We're going the right way"

After several wrong turns down alley ways and sidestreets the pack finds the right path

The runners approach the finish line in small groups, there are no winners or losers or prizes given out

There's more beer and wings after the run

And the wisdom in knowing when it was time to "Run On!"

~ Official HHH website~

IV. Come on, let's face it...

I admit...


a vacation


a donation

Everything I do

And I think the same goes for you too


Makes me feel good

V. Quote of the day

"It's as if we have an industrial-age presidency, catering to a pre-industrial ideological base, in a post-industrial era."----Thomas L. Friedman

'Bush Disarms Unilaterally', page A19, NYTimes, April 16th, 2005

VI. Officer friendly

Today I was flyering for my band on Ludlow Street when the paddywagon pulled up next to me.

The first officer asked what I was doing, where I lived, and why I was by myself.

I had to show identification.

Then I was written a $25 summons and told that if I didn't pay it in a month there would be a warrant out for my arrest.

I was told flyering is a quality of life issue comparable to urinating in the streets and public drunkenness.

The second officer was very nice.

On the way home I thought about legalism, the Luna Lounge, the state, sterility, the Whole Foods store and high rise that's ready to open on the Bowery, and the 16-year old East Harlem girl from Guinea who was recently arrested in a terrorist raid and is now in a detention center in Pennsylvania.

VII. Proverb

When in New York City,

You're either north

or south

of the Met Life building

VIII. Serendipity


coffee steam

honest words

paper gifts

a child's trust

subway proverb


the L train


sound in my veins

today was

pure serendipity

I got a good look

IX. You came right in

like the 1/9

when the 2/3 passes by

lonely metal



and time

keeps you passing by

X. Words of wisdom from my accountant

Don't let anyone steal your dream

There are two sides to everything

War will make any man crazy

Social Security started during the Great Depression to save us from Wall Street

Franklin Roosevelt saved capitalism

If you were drafted during Vietnam, you went through basic training the day after college graduation

In the army you'll find one of the greatest cross-sections of the minds, people from all walks of life

Of course there will be another draft

Some men just know life and death, life and death

Right to life, what life? Just so you can end up in one of their prisons or on their battlefields? They determine how you live and how you'll die

XI. On my way home

Started at 42nd

south towards Herald Square

the bells sounded at ten o'clock

arresting revolving doors

The April sunset

settled in my lungs

in my toes

the crunch of sand

in my Grand manmade Canyon

No cops

and at times, completely alone

with my eyes closed

down Broadway --- in New York City

There I walked

in the light of illuminated clocks

and the Empire's glow

towards the Flatiron's eternal fork in the road...

XII. Eviction

A man can survive the Holocaust

Emigrate to the United States

Run an honest business for forty years --- on the Upper East Side

And one day

Have his rent double


XIII. Today


when I woke up

played my guitar

listened to Pearl Jam

went running in the rain

saw the dark clouds roll north and breathed in New York City

stood and watched the Hudson rise to the streets with last night's rain

I was thinking of you

XIV. Pick me

They're all up there

Making their bets

Doing their trades

Wagering, negotiating...about me

Sometimes they give

Sometimes they take

Never revealing their plan

Here at the table

As I count up what I've got and what I need

I'm humbled by their legacies

Out of respect, out of my debt

I remain a faithful player

In their game

XV. game day

What was once grass, mud, and sweat

is now

stage, breath, and sound

i love game day

XVI. Who's in prison? The prisoner or the guard?

A city on its way to work

Hurried footsteps pass

An enlightened mindful Darwin breed?

Or a mindless moving mass?

With clocks to lock in time and space

And praise for working hard

Makes me wonder, who's in prison

The prisoner or the guard?

XVII. 1:24AM

The press of a button, a car ride away, a subway stop. I have access to everyone I love. Music on my radio, a guitar on my bed, the world on this screen at 1:00AM. I have access to everything I love. When you heard of this place you dreamed up what life could be, what freedom could mean. And now, back again in New York, across the sky, do you see? All your dreams have awoken in me.


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